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Gifted & Talented Testing

GT TESTING Silver Creek Elementary will be holding GT testing on March 15th and 16th. This is the week just before spring break, so if families are taking vacations during that week, it is highly suggested to wait until the next school year. Any make-ups must occur before spring break.     The process is different than we have done in the past because all forms are electronic now and are sent directly to the district GT department.     Important dates and information:     1. January 22nd: Parents will need to click on a nomination link that will be posted for ONLY TWO WEEKS. This link will be located on the SCE website- gifted and talented page. The link will clearly state the deadline. The district will close this nomination link on February 9th.      2. After the nominations are placed by parents, they will have a Parent signature request that will be generated in Infinite Campus. Parents will sign digitally to give permission for testing. (Parents only have 10 days to submit their signature or their nomination becomes void. The district will send out emails and will clearly state directions and this deadline.)     3. Testing will occur on March 15th and 16th.      4. Identifications complete and sent to Silver Creek  May 4, 2021. (6 weeks after testing)  

Kristen Masterson
2nd Grade Teacher/ GT Coordinator

Silver Creek Elementary
Adams 12 Five Star Schools

(720) 972-3985