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End of year Eagle's Nest Information

Eagle's Nest Store Hours (coming up next week):

5/16/22 - Kindergarten and First Grade

5/17/22 - Second Grade

5/18/22 - Third Grade

5/19/22 - Fourth Grade

5/20/22 - Fifth Grade

  The Eagle's Nest store will be opening on Fridays from 7:45-8:00! Your kids have worked so hard to earn so many Eagle Bucks for being Safe, Organized, having a positive Attitude, and showing Respect! Help your child count their Eagle Bucks and staple them in groups of 10 to help your child navigate the store well. Below is a document to show you what is currently available at the Eagle's Nest store. Merchandise does change from week to week, so please talk with your child and let them know that some items do sell out, but there are lots of other options to choose from! Thank you for helping to encourage behaviors! Please see the schedule below for times and dates.  For information regarding how students can earn Eagle bucks and our PBS System click here.  
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