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One of the highlights of our fifth grade year is the Science Models Fair!  This year, we are focusing on creating and explaining science models. Students will have the opportunity to research a science-related topic of their choice and create a model representing this scientific concept or system.  Our Science Models Fair will be held on Friday, February 28, 2020. Please scroll to the bottom of this page to find documents and resources related to the Science Models Fair.

Students will expand their scientific content knowledge through a Scholastic publication called Super Science.  Once a month, students will bring home a copy of this magazine.  You can find this publication online, as well as accompanying videos, games and activities.  You can access the digital version of Super Science here.  You will need to get your classroom password from your teacher. 

Here are a variety of Science websites to check out and explore:

Climate Kids: Weather and Climate

FOSS Web (Students can access interactive simulations that match our Mixtures and Solutions and Water Planet units.  Students will need to use the login/password given to them by their teacher.)

Khan Academy (Great videos and demonstrations to learn science concepts - Parents will need to set up an account.)

Kids Health (Movies, articles and more to learn about the human body.)

Renewable and Nonrenewable Energy (Children's University)

Mixtures and Solutions: Separating Mixtures Simulation

Natural Hazards: Robots to the Rescue

Siemens Build a Skeleton 

Study Jams (Slide shows and quizzes on a variety of scientific topics)

Super Science (Scholastic) (You will need to sign in with the password your teacher provided you.)