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There is something truly wonderful about finding ourselves lost in a good book.  In fifth grade, we foster this lifelong love of reading by exposing students to a variety of genres and authors, encouraging discussion and sharing about literature, and giving students ample time to read each day at school.  In addition to the enjoyment that reading can bring, we also know that the more students read each day, the more they grow as readers!  As a way to encourage this daily reading, we have challenged each fifth grader to read 40 books this year!   To promote a "healthy diet of reading," students have a variety of genres to read as they complete the 40 book challenge. See the attachment below titled "Fifth Grade Book Challenge" for details.

In addition to our 40 book challenge, we offer students the opportunity to earn their very own silver or gold medal with our Newbery Challenge.  The Newbery is awarded each year to an American author whose book makes an outstanding contribution to children's literature.  By taking on this challenge, we know students will be exposed to rich, high-quality literature.  Below you will find information about the Newbery Challenge, as well as the Newbery list, the response form and the question menu.

Furthermore, keep an eye and ear out for upcoming information on the Battle of the Books (BOB)!!  This extracurricular club is for all fifth graders who love to dive into great books and have the chance to discuss these texts with fellow readers.  The culmination of Battle of the Books is a district-level competition in the spring. 

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