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4th Grade

Here you will find the most current information for 4th grade students and their parents, including but not limited to, remote learning, upcoming events, recent news and any documents pertinent to 4th grade education at Silver Creek. Below is a complete list of 4th grade classrooms at Silver Creek. Each of these online classrooms is managed by their respective teachers and contains detailed information for the individual class above and beyond the general grade level information found here.

4th Grade Classrooms

Mrs. Colbert's Class

Subject: General Education
Fourth grade will be such a fun year! We will go on an adventure together as we learn about our wonderful state.  We will also learn so much in writing, science and math.  I'm excited to share this journey with you!

Mrs. McGown's Class

Subject: General Education
Welcome to fourth grade!  I am thrilled to get the opportunity to "loop" up to fourth grade with my amazing students and families.  As a teacher I am committed to making sure each child feels successful and happy at school - and I always strive...